Word Magnets Shakespeare Set

$21.95 (as of July 4, 2018, 8:07 pm) $18.95

GET THEE TO A FRIDGE: Contains a carefully designed mix of people, places, and language from the works of William Shakespeare.

LOTS MORE POETRY MAGNETS: With 440 magnetic words and word endings, the Word Magnets Shakespeare Set has more than twice as many words as most themed magnetic fridge poetry kits. So the fridge poetry possibilities are nearly endless.

COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER BRANDS: Our word magnets are similar in style to those of the leading manufacturer of magnetic word kits. If they list a word height of 0.375″, then the font, style and dimensions of our magnets should blend well with other sets — so mix and match freely for even more fun!


Word Magnets Shakespeare Set

What light from yonder kitchen breaks? It is the east, and the Word MagnetsTM Shakespeare Set is the sun. Anon, all the fridge’s a stage, and the words upon it merely players. So get thee to a checkout!  Our 9.5mm (3/8″) word magnets combine seamlessly most with most other magnetic word sets for even more fun.

Product Specifications
Magnet Dimensions:  0.375″ (9.5mm) tile height (tile width varies with word length).
Box Dimensions:  3.5″w x 4.5″h x 1.0″d (8.9cm x 11.5cm x 2.5cm)
Box Weight: 11oz (312g)

Word Magnets Shakespeare Set

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